Translation services are procured as if they were a commodity

Are Ad/Translation Agencies Stuck with Commodity Fee Levels?Many similarities between Translation Agencies and Ad Agency business in terms of the market challenges... especially when it comes to how services are procured as if they were commodity (intersting parallels)Translation and Ad agency services are procured as if they were a commodity. Is there any way out?Unlike... Continue Reading →

Increase your revenue…this is how

Strategy - How To Increase Your Business Revenue - Seven TacticsI read this article which I thought some of us can benefit:One of the most valuable business activities you can invest time in is to create a strategy to increase your business revenue. Many business owners never think of doing this. Instead, they muddle along... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing Plan

8 Steps to Creating Your Social Media Marketing PlanCreating and online marketing strategy is vital when making the decision to add social media to your marketing campaigns/plans. A plan is needed to assess the viability, know what steps you will need to take and to aid you in staying focused on your goals.Your plan can... Continue Reading →

Translation Myths

Top Myths About Translationa) If you're very good this year, Santa Claus will bring you a new car.b) If you kiss a frog, he will turn into Brad Pitt.c) If you send a translator a fifty-page document tonight, you can have the translation back by tomorrow.If you answered "true" to the third statement, it's time... Continue Reading →

Translation Service – Why Businesses Need Translation Services in Today’s Business Society

In today's business society, companies who conduct businesses globally need professional translation services. Many people think that they can just depend on free translation tool to translate their business documents. This is true if you are only having an email translated - if you need to translate your business documents such as proposals or reports... Continue Reading →

2011 Global Economic Outlook

This article written early 2011,  and still has some value..."The era of good feelings associated with the heyday of globalization has gone forever," say top economists. I will agree and believe this is an entirely good thing that will enable our shattered world to recover from a devastating global recession. Often times we mix up... Continue Reading →

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