Conquering Public Speaking Fear

Public Speaking - 10 Tips For SuccessAs many of my friends know, I am big fan of Jerry Seinfeld, in fact (I hate to admit) but I own most of the DVD's of┬áhis famous TV comedy show. A great public speaking statistic was once made on national TV by Jerry Seinfeld, from the TV show... Continue Reading →

Thought Leadership: Differentiating yourself in a crowded commodity field

How to Differentiate Your Business Using Thought LeadershipIn today's cluttered information environment, it's not enough to just produce content and provide average products and services.To stand out and differentiate yourself requires that you be a thought leader in your field.This means vision, innovation, credibility, a depth of knowledge, at times going against popular opinion, being... Continue Reading →

Searching for a professional translation services providers: A worth while excercise

Professional Translation Services Providers Are Worth Seeking OutBecause translation isn't a hard science, and because it doesn't belong to a field that produces objectively measureable deliverables, you will always take a risk when hiring a translation provider. While from the outside translation might seem like a hard science (the simple exchange of one word for... Continue Reading →

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