Translation services needed? what’s next!!!

I Need a Language Translation, What Do I Do?

I found this article to be very representative of cases that I have been involved with during discussion with clients and business colleagues:

Most probably you identify with the above statement, that’s what bought you to this page where you can read this article. I was in your position a couple of years back when I was in the process of expanding my business to some foreign countries and my targeted consumers were non-English speakers. I needed to translate my website and other advertising materials to the language of my targeted consumers.

To start with, I was clueless and after I managed to catch up with some local translators and translation agencies, I became desperate. There were several reasons for this. Before going on to them, I would like to give some information about language translation itself. Language translation is a complex process and not everybody’s cup of tea. Just being able to read and write comfortably in two or more languages does not automatically give anyone the ability to do high quality translation work in those languages. It takes substantial practice, experience and expertise in the involved languages.

Now my initial dealings were with the local language translators operating in my city. I was not satisfied with them because I could not get all the three things that I was looking for, from any of them. These three things were:

In most cases, I would have to be satisfied with having one or two of the above factors to my satisfaction. For example, a high quality translation would invariably be more expensive or take a long time to get completed. All this made me want to explore other avenues so I tried software translations and online services.

Software translations were a disappointment and dangerous for the health of my business. Because a software generally translates any document literally, or word for word. Now this results in hilarious mistakes a lot of times. Because all languages have a unique grammar and vocabulary, word for word translations become ineffective most of the times.

Which brings me to online language translation, in my opinion, the best avenue for language translations. This is because online you can get the best rates and quality, along with speedy delivery. The chief reason behind this is that when working with an online translation agency, you have the liberty to work with translators anywhere in the world. You can easily get high quality, combined with reasonable cost if you work with native speakers of the targeted language.

There are other benefits as well which you will come to know as you research a few reputed or recommended online agencies. One of my favorites among them is CLS Lexi-tech which has a very innovative system of working. You can request them for an instant language translation quote to get an idea of the services and rates.

To discuss your specific translation needs please click here

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