Cheap Translation: you get what you pay for

Translation: Cheap vs QualityHave you ever seen one of those advertisements stating that you could get a website translated for $120.00, or some company will translate your content for some outlandishly low sum of money? The adage "you get what you pay for" is very true, especially when it comes to Translation Services! A cheap translation is... Continue Reading →

Cheap Translation: 5 Consequences

5 negative consequences for selecting cheap translation services As economy continue its negative state, companies and businesses in general will continue looking for ways to cut cost and squeeze cash out of a flat (at best) revenues. And as good as that tactic might sound and agree with this as a good  business practice and... Continue Reading →

Translation industry: 7 obstacles preventing your business growth

Running A Translation Company: 7 obstacles preventing your business growth I had the opportunity over the past few years to talk to many colleagues, friends and business owners in the translation industry, and I concluded that there is are common problems is facing most translation companies in terms of growing the business. And what I thought... Continue Reading →

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