Cheap Translation: you get what you pay for

Translation: Cheap vs Quality

Have you ever seen one of those advertisements stating that you could get a website translated for $120.00, or some company will translate your content for some outlandishly low sum of money? The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true, especially when it comes to Translation Services! A cheap translation is just that – a cheap content. Tranlsation Services is exceedingly vital, particularly when you are advocating your company, association or product/services in another language. Your translated documents and content will introduce your company or association to the world and I don’t believe a cheap 4.00 Dollars per 1000 words effort would be a wonderful and effective testimony. Your translated documents will have great exposure in any media, electronic (Websites etc…) and print alike, this is a great opportunity for your company and I doubt you would get far with that little sum of money spent on producing content in another language! Translation is a work of art, the art of adapting content to another laguage and making sure the nuances, accurate meanings, and in many cases is the finess of assembling words that insure cultural esepect and integrity. A well translated document is a well conveyed message and is a is a lot less pricey than having to deal with sending the wrong message to the world resulting cheap translation. In the end, it is the most gainful way to promote your association in the long run.

Translation is a skill, an Art and a science that is gained over time. Not just anyone can do it and do it correctly; so it is critical that you approach your Translation Comapny and become acquainted with them, process, people, skills and most of all ligitamacy (here I mean you need to break the marketing fluff and get to the core of who this Translation company really is) Small amount of Translation companies are excellent at what they do example: CLS Communication and their North American CLS Lexi-tech are great companies to trust them with your translation assignments.  Fewer Translation Companies are competent at each and every one of the many types of content that could be subject to high quality Translation. Only 1 company that I am aware of who has the receipe for high quality translation services which is based on developing internal teams that over time these individuals will gain the expertise in variety of fields, and combined with strict internal processes such as ISO and specific internal quality control.Most of the translation agencies with no internal translators on staff and they rely heavily on freelancers example: Transperfect, which is obvious by the low cost low quality reputation in the marketplace.

Certainly, common sense implies that the more people that the higher the translation cost the better the quality, this is not true is some cases. Now, just because Translation costs more than another doesn’t automatically suggest that the Translation is better. This is where you want to talk to the actual Linguage specialists at CLS Lexi-tech who will be translating your documents and get to know them. Trusting your own wisdom and your own intuition goes a long way! You must like and have faith in your Translation Compnay especially since you may be working with them for a long time. Translation is not a “fire and forget” business and it shouldn’t be; although quite a few Translation Agencies these days are likely to function in that fashion unfortunately. For the majority of businesses the perfect scenario is when you have Translation company that can be close at hand anytime you need to make adjustments to your content.

The days of low quality cheap priced translations are over. In the ever-changing world of constant content change and increased complexity, a high quality translation  is where the focus should be. Translation is very sensitive an for a content that is ever-changing and continually updated, the challenge is greater to get it right example: Annual Reports, User Manuals Websites, MArketing documents, news, blogs etc…

I would encourge you to seek out a poffessional translation company and work with them on translating your documents. Make certain to go beyond their marketing messages…don’t be drawn to what the website says, talk to them get to know them and then decide.

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