Purchasing Localization: Buyer’s Priorities

I do not care about your 8 cents per word for Spanish translation. However, I do care about: top quality customer service, courteous behaviour, odd hour requests, and time-efficient delivery. The Statistics According to Nimdzi Insights research, the top factors which are important to companies when buying localization are on-time delivery and quality of translation.... Continue Reading →

The Translator Cyborg: From a Buyer’s Perspective

  In last week’s blog, we addressed the future of translation services in relation to a hybrid model (i.e. the partnership of human and machine translation) and its advantages. This week’s blog will explore the counter-narrative of this topic by considering the perspective of purchasing professionals. The Buyer’s Perspective “Translation is/should be free”. This is... Continue Reading →

Importance of a Translator for Digital Marketing

Translating your digital marketing efforts should go beyond Google Translate. In order to reach out to your international clients, you need digital marketing translation services to attract their attention and build strong relationships. While there could be numerous challenges involved in connecting with international markets, eliminating the language barrier can make this process easier and... Continue Reading →

The Translator Cyborg of the Future

In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefits only a professional translation service provider can offer. This includes: verified credentials, quicker turnaround, and quality assurance. However, media content is rapidly increasing to a point where the traditional form of translation is not sufficient enough for the mass amount of work that needs to be done.... Continue Reading →

Benefits Only Professional Translation Service Provider Can Offer

With the growing competition and demand in almost every field, a smooth communication process has become even more important. The slightest confusion can make or break the deal; this is especially true for international markets. This illustrates the importance of professional translation service providers. There are numerous benefits of hiring a professional translation provider for... Continue Reading →

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