The Translator Cyborg of the Future


In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefits only a professional translation service provider can offer. This includes: verified credentials, quicker turnaround, and quality assurance. However, media content is rapidly increasing to a point where the traditional form of translation is not sufficient enough for the mass amount of work that needs to be done. Thus, we must develop an innovative way to increase productivity while maintaining exceptional results.


The Pitch  

There are two main outlets in which content is translated: human translation and machine translation. Automated machine translation services possess both pros and cons. The cons include: increased probability of inaccuracy and standard quality. However, the prominent advantage is time efficiency which allows larger masses of content to be translated.

Given the strengths and weaknesses of both systems, they should not work in isolation of one another, but rather, work together. A superior system that includes human interfacing with machine translation is bound to generate remarkable content within a time-efficient framework.


What Does This Look Like?

A concrete illustration of this “cyborg” would be to focus on the expansion of human translators and their inter-operability with various technological tools, including MT. This is not to say human translators can mimic neural and AI (artificial intelligence) translation machines. The logic relies on the premise of dropping prices to gain decent profitability of income service providers. For instance, LSP language service providers or freelancers are faced with the realities of producing more to meet the basic financial needs or requirements.


Wrapping it Up

To conclude, machine translation cannot replace human translation and vice versa. The future of translation services looks at the mutual cooperation of both systems in order to triumph.

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