Translation Innovations

Translation has never seemed easier. Machine-based translation innovations are emerging in different forms. In previous blogs, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of machine based translation services (link here: Despite the possible challenges that occur with machine translation services, products such as the translation smart mask and the Scanmarker air have gained a lot... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Reasons Why Localization is Important

Localization is the process of translating content and making it specific to local geographical areas and cultures. In a world with billions of people and hundreds of countries, localization plays a prominent role in reaching broader audiences and catering to numerous target markets. The following section of the blog will outline three reasons as to... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events in the Translation Industry

Due to COVID-19 and following health and safety guidelines, many workplaces have shifted to a digital platform. This includes: virtual meetings, webinars, information sessions etc. The major advantage to a digitalized work place is the ability to reach people from all ends of the world. It is a highly globalized community with various businesses interacting... Continue Reading →

Applying Localization Services: Assisting Foreign Students

International students attending post-secondary programs overseas away from home are often faced with various obstacles, including but not limited to: learning the host country’s language, adapting to cultural norms, and navigating services that can help with assimilation. This blog will explore the benefits of integrating localization specialists across post-secondary institutions (i.e. university, college) to better... Continue Reading →

Expanding Translation Services: Sign Language

English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German; the list goes on for commonly translated languages. However, sign language (i.e. American Sign Language: ASL) is rarely ever recognized or provided by translation companies, which disproportionately affects individuals of the deaf community. This blog will explore how translation companies and language service providers can integrate ASL professionals in order... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Communicating in One’s Foreign Language: Macron Captured the Hearts of the Lebanese People by Speaking in Arabic

August 4, 2020. A date that will forever be engraved by many Lebanese people and the global community. A tragedy occurred at the port city of Beirut, Lebanon. It has been recorded as the world’s third most powerful and dangerous non-nuclear explosion. The country is left in disarray and poor condition as many people are... Continue Reading →

“Cheap” Translation Services

It’s no secret that language is the primary communication method that makes the world go around. What happens when we leave language translation solely in the hands of an automated system? Most times, this will generate inaccurate translations due to a lack of understanding cultural context and human emotion. In a previous blog, we discussed... Continue Reading →

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