Translation Innovations

Translation has never seemed easier. Machine-based translation innovations are emerging in different forms. In previous blogs, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of machine based translation services (link here: Despite the possible challenges that occur with machine translation services, products such as the translation smart mask and the Scanmarker air have gained a lot of attention. This blog will explore what these two translation products entail.

What Does This Look Like?

Due to COVID-19, masks have become mandatory across almost all places. A Japanese company by the name of Donut Robotics invented a smart mask that can be hooked up to a bluetooth device and translate messages into eight different languages. Languages so far include: English, French, Mandarin, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. The Chief Executive of Donut Robotics stated that, “We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society.” For example, this may be useful people are travelling abroad and are unaware of the native language.

Moreover, another machine-based translation innovation is the Scanmarker air. This product is mostly advertised to students as it is a helpful study aid. The Scanmarker air is a scanner and translator. This is able to: highlight texts and transfer it to any device, as well as translate texts to forty languages.

Wrapping it Up

Conclusively, it seems as if automatic translation products and services are becoming easier and more accessible. This does not mean that machines are at the point of replacing human translation services, but it is interesting to see how far automated translation products have evolved.

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