International Marketing and Advertising Translation – The Top 20 Blunders, Mistakes and Failures

Coming up with brand names for international markets is a tricky business. It's essential that a native speaker checks any translated copy before it's let loose on the public. Sometimes, though, even the biggest of brands can get it wrong. Here are the top 20 translation errors I've come across: 1. Pepsi's "Come alive with the... Continue Reading →

Global Demands For Translation On The Rise

Translators enjoy growing demandSetting qualified apart is struggle.Columbia Daily Tribune Wednesday, May 18, 2011PHILADELPHIA — Dale Eggett, who will finish a master’s degree in less than three weeks, will go to work the week after, having had no problem landing a job.“I did have multiple, multiple job offers,” said Eggett, whose Spanish and computer skills... Continue Reading →

Calculating Website Translation ROI

I was asked to post re ROI for translating website, in the interest of time, I gathered the information from here and there and came up with this article, I hope it's helpful for those who are debating the ROI on translation...Long gone the days where the famous saying “if you don’t speak my language you can’t buy... Continue Reading →

Global website needs to be translated to at least 16 languages to be competitive

A recent report by the Common Sense Advisory states that global companies need to have multilingual websites in order to compete on an international scale.According to the report, an English-only site can be read by 23.2% of the global online population. Making it readable in simplified Chinese adds 22.3% and Spanish 9.0%.Online consumers speaking the... Continue Reading →

Text Message Marketing: Things To Know

Text message marketing has been around for a couple of years now but it seems that only the top businesses are using it. I have been conducting some research on text message marketing to see why more businesses are not using it and have come to the conclusion that businesses think that it is too... Continue Reading →

Monitoring brand reputation

Eight Tips for Monitoring Brand Reputation across LanguagesWith native English speakers comprising only 22% of all internet users, and evidence showing that 85% of online consumers require information in their native tongue to make an important purchase, there’s a strong case for expanding your online reach across multiple languages.The return on investment for every dollar... Continue Reading →

Outsource your life awayOutsourcing is the latest buzz word for busy entrepreneurs, but individuals and companies have been outsourcing for decades. While most of us would love a few more hours in the day to get more done or joke about wanting to clone ourselves, outsourcing can become extreme. It has almost gotten to the... Continue Reading →

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