Outsourcing your Translation services

Outsource Translation Services

Globalization is not an option anymore. With shrinking markets and economic volatility, companies are taking their products and services to a global audience. Though globalization is an effective strategy for a business, it also poses an imposing challenge. In countries where English is not the primary language for business communication, it becomes vital to translate all business related documentation and communication to suit the local market.


Every country has its own culture, custom and language dialects. When translating from one language to another, it is necessary to understand the local traditions and customs. A literal translation might help you translate documents quickly, but it may also send the wrong message to the target audience. When translating, an important factor to consider is that you are translating not just the words, but the content and the concept as well.


CLS Lexi-tech comes with extensive experience in Translation in over 20 languages. From simple marketing messages to complex financial documents, we have translated a wide variety of business related documentation. If you want your documents and other texts to maintain the same impact and meaning when translated, then CLS Lexi-tech is your perfect partner.


Translation Services by CLS Lexi-tech

Working with a team of In house and local translators and professional linguists, we can handle your translation requirements of any volume. Our understanding of business practices and strategies stands in good stead in our translation assignments as well.


You can work with us to translate business documentation and literature including but not limited to:


Business correspondences / emails

Marketing collateral

Sales copies

Website content

Software translation

Public relations translation

Meeting minutes translation

Intra-company memos

Financial statements

Conference speeches


Legal documents

Medical records

Advertising messages

Intranet translation and localization

Policy documents

Health and safety information

Press releases

Fact sheets

Focus group transcripts / interviews

Our language expertise spans:


Business Spanish translation

Business German translation

Business French translation

Chinese Translation

Business Italian translation

Business Japanese translation

Business Portuguese translation

Business Korean translation

Business Russian translation

The Translation Team at CLS Lexi-tech

CLS Lexi-tech’s team comprises of certified language experts, native speakers, Voice-over professionals, quality analysts and experienced project managers. Most of them are graduates, post-graduates and MBAs.


Based on the nature of your translation requirement, we deploy domain specialists and subject matter experts along with a team of language translators. This is to ensure that along with a highly accurate translation, the intended meaning of the original document is preserved.


Each translation passes through a strict quality review process. Trained quality analysts and proof readers check for errors. If any error is identified it is sent back to the translator for correction. A two way translation process is also employed to retain the context and accuracy of the document being translated. Once a document is translated from one language to another, it is then translated back (by a different translator) to check if the meaning and accuracy has changed.


Advantages of CLS Lexi-tech to CLS Lexi-tech

Certified language translators

Our team comprises of native speakers and professional linguists

We can work with a variety of file formats including text, audio/video or verbatim transcripts

Expertise in different language dialects and slangs

Quick turnaround time – Between 12 and 24 hours (depending on the scope of the project)

Multiple channels of security to ensure that there is no breach of confidential information


Robin Ayoub
Vice President, Business Development & Sales
CLS Lexi-tech Ltd
125-720 King St. West, Suite 138
Toronto ON M5V3S5
Phone: (416) 409-8202
Fax: 1 866 888-3070
Email:  rayoub@lexitech.ca
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