Keep your sales skills sharp

Monitor & Improve Your Sales SkillsEvery single sales encounter will be different to one degree or another based on the following facts. Different product, customer, and sales technique combinations.There is no single blue print that will work on every combination. Period. Anyone who tells you that they have a "one cap fits all" sales technique... Continue Reading →

How to Close a sale

How to Close the Sale - Tips and TechniquesThis blog applies to anyone who is selling, service, product or any other type of idea sale...The questions that many sales professionals ask are, "When to close a sale? How to close? How not to be pushy?" I still remember my first customers - a particular client... Continue Reading →

How to deal with upset clients

Customer Service Problems - How to Handle Angry Or Irate CustomersThe 10 Steps and 1 to Grow On 1. Prepare yourself 2. Let them vent their anger 3. Listen 4. Verify for understanding 5. Empathize with these customers 6. Ask what they would like done to solve the problem 7. Get agreement 8. Apologize 9.... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Building Your Brand

Social Media, Building Your Brand - Doing It the Right Way Just imagine for a moment, thousands of folks all over the world commending your business and your offerings and recommending you to everyone around them - their friends, connections, followers as well as fans. This can be a dream come true, if only you can... Continue Reading →

Professional Translation Services: Why your business need it?

Why your business need professional translation services?If you are thinking about starting an international company, or you are an exisiting business and thinking of expanding your market internationally,  it is time for you to start looking for translation services. The internet has made it possible for companies to penetrate foreign markets but to do this, you... Continue Reading →

Steps to Marketing translation companies

Is your Translation organization a commodity or a brand?We all complained at some point about translation and professional services being bought as if they were commodity! maybe the way we are marketing these services is the problem! I believe companies who provides professional services of any kind need to create a brand and drive that... Continue Reading →

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