Steps to Marketing translation companies

Is your Translation organization a commodity or a brand?

We all complained at some point about translation and professional services being bought as if they were commodity! maybe the way we are marketing these services is the problem! I believe companies who provides professional services of any kind need to create a brand and drive that point home to the market place very effectively lets start this short discussion by understanding the basics:
What is a brand?
The dictionary defines it as follows: A distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence, or a combination of these items that companies use to distinguish their product from others in the market.
Further, it goes on to say once a brand has created positive sentiment among its target audience, the business is said to have built “brand equity.” Some examples of businesses with brand equity are Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

So, then, what is a commodity?
According to the dictionary it’s any bulk good traded on an exchange or in the cash market. If it’s a product or service it means it’s not distinguishable from any other product or service in its category.
Commodities are usually bought and sold based on price. Meaning if you’ve got the lowest price you get the sale and if you don’t, you don’t.

So let me ask you a question … Are you and your business a brand or a commodity?

Take this quick Brand Quiz to find out.
If you answer yes to these 5 questions, odds are you’ve got a brand.
(1) There is something unique about you or the product or service you offer.
(2) Your marketing focuses on this uniqueness.
(3) You’re known among your ideal clients for this uniqueness.
(4) All your marketing supports this uniqueness and has a definitive look and feel so it’s easily recognizable as yours.
(5) You see yourself as a leader and the last thing you want to do is follow the crowd when it comes to marketing.

If you answer yes to these 5 questions, you and your business likely fall into the commodity bucket.

(1) You know you’re good at what you do but you haven’t identified or created a unique attribute to set you apart from others in your field.
(2) You tend to market yourself using the same language and style as others in your industry.
(3) Your marketing materials are a bit of hodge- podge of looks, colors and personalities.
(4) You’ve had a tough time crafting a compelling elevator pitch.
(5) You find in competitive situations you only get the sale if your price is the lowest.

If you answered “yes” to the first 5 questions of the Brand Quiz, congratulations! You know it’s important to set yourself apart with a clearly defined brand.

If you found yourself answering yes to more of the commodity questions than the brand questions, all is not lost. As they say, the first step toward change is recognizing the need to change.

You now know you’ve got to create a brand.

And Yes, even if you’re just a solo-professional and you don’t have a big business or a lot of products. Because if you’re a coach or a consultant, you’ve got to give prospective clients a reason to hire you over all the other coaches and consultants out there.

By applying these basic principles, you will start to see your business moving away from the crowded commodity base suppliers to the higher valued professional grade business.

Unitl next time…

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