Social Media: Building Your Brand

Social Media, Building Your Brand – Doing It the Right Way
 Just imagine for a moment, thousands of folks all over the world commending your business and your offerings and recommending you to everyone around them – their friends, connections, followers as well as fans. This can be a dream come true, if only you can invest time to connect with consumers online and communicate with them.

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand
Every business needs to operate on social media platform; so hurry to create as many social media accounts as you can – for your business. The top social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The important information you must not forget to include in your profile on these social networks are your company’s logo, your real image, the name of your business as well as the tag line, your business info such as its mission statement and year established. Don’t forget to also include your blog or website link.

As soon as you get your profile completed on the social platforms, the next step is to let others be aware of your presence on those platforms and invite them to connect with you. Various ways you can achieve this include: placing the link on your social media profiles, on your marketing tools such as your business card, newsletter, blog/website. This way you start growing your list of followers, fans or connections.

Successful Brand Building Involves Effective Communication
Effective communication also means doing things the right way while on social media platform. For instance, do not reflect your personal life when posting status messages; also, avoid spamming. Thus, it would only be sensible and rewarding to post only valuable information. Doing otherwise would only work to dent your brand.

What status messages would be more appropriate?
•Tips that are related to your offerings or business niche.
•URLs to informative articles that you’ve written about your offerings; also, you can include links to valuable articles and news that others have written.
•Giveaways and Special Offers; occasionally, you can offer exclusive discount to followers or give something away for free. It is a great idea to accompany the freebies or discounts with a contest.
•In a situation where your product has worked for your customer, obtain permission from such a customer to share the testimony with your followers, fans or connections at social media platforms. Don’t forget to spell out the product that the customer purchased, and the specific benefit derived from the use of the product.
•Event publicity; it is also great to create awareness of your webinars, workshops, speaking events and others, whether online or conventional.

Keep on building your brand by replying to people’s comment on your status. If the comment is in the form of a complaint, do not respond harshly, handle it tactfully in order to win back the concerned user

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