Purchasing Localization: Buyer’s Priorities


I do not care about your 8 cents per word for Spanish translation. However, I do care about: top quality customer service, courteous behaviour, odd hour requests, and time-efficient delivery.

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According to Nimdzi Insights research, the top factors which are important to companies when buying localization are on-time delivery and quality of translation. Contrary to popular belief which states that the price margin for translation and localization services are too high, the statistics display that price ranks lower than 50% importance. Essentially, this signifies that localization companies must exert greater effort in ensuring: customer service, on-time delivery, and quality of translation.

Turning Statistical Data into Realistic Goals

The primary method to increase profitability and advance in rank in the translation/localization industry is to properly train customer service workers. The first line of contact leaves a lasting impression on purchasing professionals and reflects the company as a whole. Investing in a thorough training program for customer service employees will ensure exceptional assistance and attract a mass number of buyers. Once buyers have purchased the localization/translation service, on-time delivery and quality of translation become top priority.

Wrapping it Up

To conclude, we must go back to the basics. Prioritizing customer service is crucial as it is the initial impression on buyers and often determines their interest in a company.


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