Top 3 Reasons Why Localization is Important

Localization is the process of translating content and making it specific to local geographical areas and cultures. In a world with billions of people and hundreds of countries, localization plays a prominent role in reaching broader audiences and catering to numerous target markets. The following section of the blog will outline three reasons as to why localization is important for business expansion. 

Why is Localization Important?

  1. Expanding to various markets: The main goal for most businesses is to expand market audiences and increase overall profit. It is often difficult to grow if businesses are restricted by linguistic and cultural boundaries. With localization, businesses are able to communicate more effectively to various market audiences around the globe. For example, Airbnb is a website that offers vacation rentals and experiences around the world. They localized their content in terms of: language translation on the website, offering vacation rentals and experiences specific to a certain geographical locations, and creating marketing campaigns to attract tourists.

2.  Creating a known brand: The reason why many of the popular brands that you and I both love are so successful is due to localization! For example: Netflix, Apple, Samsung etc. have expanded their market audience on a global scale. Consequently, a greater number of people are aware of these brands which generates higher consumerism rates.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Localization strives to understand the culture(s) of a certain geographical location and appropriately translate content to suit their local culture. For example, popular pizza chain ‘Dominos’, noticed that their sales were not doing so well in India when they were selling westernized pizzas (e.g. pepperoni pizza). In order to fix this, they localized their brand by altering their cuisine and began selling pizzas that appeal to the consumers (i.e. paneer tikka pizza). Consequently, this increased revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Wrapping it Up

Localization is an integral tool used to ensure that businesses adapt to the local character of a certain place. It is as simple as acknowledging and supplying to the needs of different places. 

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