Upcoming Events in the Translation Industry

Due to COVID-19 and following health and safety guidelines, many workplaces have shifted to a digital platform. This includes: virtual meetings, webinars, information sessions etc. The major advantage to a digitalized work place is the ability to reach people from all ends of the world. It is a highly globalized community with various businesses interacting and sharing ideas. The following section of the blog will outline some virtual and non-virtual upcoming events in the translation and localization according to Multilingual News.

What Does This Look Like?

The following link outlines the major events occurring in the translation and localization industry in the upcoming weeks: https://multilingual.com/events/

As conveyed in the link above, many of these events are hosted by companies across various regions: Italy, Croatia, United States etc. Some of these events are held in conference halls and allow in-person meetings, whereas other events are offered online. Topics included range from: localization challenges in market pivots to new trends in translation and technology. As a proud member of the localization industry, it is always wise to seek different learning opportunities as this can help me grow my business and better assist future cliental.

Wrapping it Up

I encourage anyone who is currently in the translation industry, or anyone wanting to learn more about the translation industry to attend these events. Make sure to follow my blog for updates about the localization industry!

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