The Impact of Communicating in One’s Foreign Language: Macron Captured the Hearts of the Lebanese People by Speaking in Arabic

August 4, 2020. A date that will forever be engraved by many Lebanese people and the global community. A tragedy occurred at the port city of Beirut, Lebanon. It has been recorded as the world’s third most powerful and dangerous non-nuclear explosion. The country is left in disarray and poor condition as many people are homeless, injured, or dead.

What Does This Look Like?

French president Emmanuel Macron is the first politician from a different country to visit Lebanon after the explosion. He has become the symbol of hope for the people as he stands in solidarity with them. Macron spoke French for the majority of the time, yet ended his press conference by declaring, “I love you Lebanon” in Arabic, echoing the worlds of Lebanon’s greatest treasure, Fairouz, in her song “Bhebak Ya Lebnan.” This one phrase captured the audience and made them feel they were not alone in this mayhem.

Wrapping it Up

One should never underestimate the power of words. Language is such a powerful tool used to communicate emotion. In the eyes of the Lebanese population, Macron’s phrase symbolized hope for the future of Lebanon, as members of the global community stand in solidarity to aid the injured, shelter the homeless, feed the famine, and pay respect to the departed.

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