Can’t Read, Won’t Buy


How many times have you turned away from a service or product because you simply did not understand what was being sold? According to Statistics Canada, there are over 200 languages spoken across the country, not including English, French, or Aboriginal languages. Thus, due to our linguistic diversity, companies must accommodate in regard to language expansion to their clientele to better promote services/products and increase profitability.


What Does This Look Like?

Any company ranging from retailers, wholesalers, or service providers have one ultimate goal: to increase revenue. Aside from investing in flashy advertisements and having discounted sales, companies should invest in an alternative marketing tactic that is guaranteed to boost business. Namely, this is collaborating with language service providers (LSP) or translation professionals to expand their language coverage in order to reach a larger demographic. In Canada, we typically translate from English to French and tend to disregard other demographics and language needs.

To provide a concrete illustration: A business ran by an East Asian family that solely speaks Mandarin would like to purchase products from a wholesaler. However, the wholesaler only provides services in English, therefore cannot sell to that specific cliental. This example demonstrates the need for companies to expand language coverage in order to accommodate to various demographics, consequently increasing revenue and stimulating business growth.


Wrapping it Up

Conclusively, Canada is a multicultural nation that continues to grow in linguistic and cultural diversity. Therefore, companies should expand language options to better accommodate to clientele needs.

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