Translation Companies Collaborating with Government Agencies


Immigrating to a new country is an emotional journey for many families. Aside from the struggles of leaving their home country, many new comers experience difficulties of integration in regard to: language barriers, culture shock, and devaluation of foreign credentials. This blog will focus on language barrier struggles that immigrant families endure and how translation companies and language service providers can aid immigrants by collaborating with government agencies.


What Does This Look Like?

Many posts have been circulating on social media platforms depicting the translation struggles of immigrants and children of immigrant parents. Examples of this may include young children translating immigration, medical, and employment documents. The following link to the Huffington Post illustrates some powerful anecdotes of these struggles:


Given the linguistic barriers, institutional government sectors including: health, education, employment etc. should collaborate with language service providers to help immigrants with their translation needs. For example, institutions should provide a translation option for individuals when administrating immigration paperwork. This helps newcomers better understand what is being asked of them, alleviate the stress of interpretation on children of immigrant parents, and provide the government with more accurate information.


Wrapping it Up

In a country like Canada where over 200 languages are spoken, language service providers are an integral component in aiding immigrants in assimilating to a new country and bridging the gap of language barriers.

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