Post COVID19: Tourism and Translation


As much as it is important to focus on the current circumstances with the COVID19 pandemic, we must be wise to prepare for our world post COVID19. As a Torontonian, I have experienced first-hand how the city and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has shifted from phase one to phase three. This includes: reopening retail stores, restaurants, spas etc. As our world slowly transitions into the new “normal”, we must address how to approach certain properties. This blog will specifically explore the world of tourism post COVID19 and how translation agencies can help tourist areas increase profitability.


What Does This Look Like?

The most popular tourist destinations across the world are: France, Spain, Italy etc. Since these areas are known to welcome millions of people each year, they greatly profit off tourism. The most popular tourist locations provide services in English in addition to their native language to cater to tourist demographic. For example, a restaurant in Rome will offer an English translation of their menu. Various geographical locations looking to increase tourism should invest in translation services because language is one of the driving factors in travel and tourism. For example, it is challenging to find English translations in Ukraine, overall decreasing the number of tourists. This is where language service providers come into play. Translation agencies can work closely with businesses in areas that are looking to increase tourism. For instance, implementing the most popular languages (i.e. English) in restaurants, shopping centres, sightseeing tours etc. Consequently, this will create a sought-after travel destination, attract tourists, and increase overall revenue for the country.


Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, it is important to plan ahead for post COVID19 and assess how our world is going to adjust to the new “normal.” As the current climate of the pandemic improves, language service providers are an integral component in aiding the travel and tourism sector to regain and help build the economy.

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