The Art of Building Trust in the Translation Service Industry

Trust is the main ingredient for translation vendor/client successful relationship

To maintain a global reach for their companies, and deliver the desired message effectively, multinational companies often seek the help of reputable and trustworthy translation service providers. Communicating your message to multilingual markets is tricky.
When the client doesn’t understand the translated language, the client and the translation service provider need to develop a relationship of absolute trust. Since translation is an art, the ability for the artist to produce exactly what is needed, is a matter of understanding the client’s requirements, settings, and target market precisely.

If the client doesn’t approve of the translation provider’s work, he/she would normally shift to another translation service vendor. It would be a matter of time before the inevitable situation occurs: a time may come when the new translator’s work won’t be up to the standard required by the client, and the client would be back to square one or looking for another translator in the market again. It is essential to break this cycle and develop trust, so that both the parties could candidly communicate, nurture, and prosper together.

The Fundamental Elements Of Trust


Translation service providers must model moral and ethical principles, while being sincere to their clients. It is vital that the expectations being set must sound achievable, in order to showcase integrity to the client enterprise. As the interests of both parties are intertwined, it is important that they build it with time, by being very open about their expectations from the relationship and showing the willingness to learn or teach what the other doesn’t know.


In order to become the client’s preferred choice, translation professionals need to be professionally resilient, persevering, risk-averse, and challenge-oriented. You would only pick them from amongst others, if they showcase their professional strengths by being confident about the work that they are assigned, by engaging sensibly, and understanding the degree of risk involved in the work.


Furthermore, smart companies do not only play safe but play smart too, because dealing in a multilingual market has its own risks. Therefore, it would be a wise move to look for those translators who are professionally courageous, who are game changers and demonstrate idea championship likewise, and foster successful alliances. This way they would not only be supporting you, but adding value to your supply chain as well.
To achieve stellar success for themselves and their clients, translation service providers must have the requisite technical knowledge to be proficient in their areas of expertise, while displaying intellect and dexterity. Clients definitely choose those servicers who have a competitive edge; this may be gained by distilling strategic priorities into operational actions, by being responsive, flexible, and a problem solver.


You would never do business with someone who is not reliable and consistent. Therefore, trustworthy translation companies usually have a proven track record – they will do what they say and admit what they don’t know. This credibility stands as an assurance of quality service that is the key to client’s peace of mind and long term satisfaction.

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