What not to do….when Sally learnt a big lesson

When Sally learnt a big lesson
Meet Sally. She works in the Marketing Department of XYZ Companyand is currently looking after the translation project for the company. While she is brilliant at her work, she very soon finds herself in the middle of a difficult decision.

Her task is to get the company’s annual report translated. By annual report, we mean highly sensitive, confidential, and very important information. Handling translation projects, she has been in touch with quite a few vendors, some offering them their services at a very cheap rate while others being more expensive. Although she has had a designated translating vendor for a while now, she decides it may be time to save money and give the cheaper ones a try. Little does she know how bad an idea this would be!
Despite high quality requirements and tight deadlines, she sends over her report to ABC vendor who she knows very little about. When the deadline is close, she tries getting in touch with them, but no one answers her calls and emails. Stress now overpowers her as she has no idea what to do. She has already taken a huge risk trusting a company that is not even known simply to get a considerable discount. Also, the fact that they do not respond at such a critical time when the deadline is so close is simply nerve wrecking for her.
When they do get back to her eventually and send in the translated report, she finds that the report has some major errors and has not even been translated properly. Almost every paragraph is filled with mistakes. These errors will not only cause sally to be fired, but will also make the company look bad. With a quick decision, Sally sends the report over to her original vendor to fix the problem and in the process has to spend additional money.
Her problem, however, gets fixed in no time as their original vendor come to save the day for Sally. She is then able to breathe a sigh of relief before finally submitting the report to her marketing manager. After that she vows never to trust cheap vendors with major decisions again.

Lesson Learnt:

A major lesson is to be learnt here from Sally’s situation. There are many similar vendors and services out there that might offer you their services at a cheaper rate. However, cheap does not always mean good quality. If someone is offering you a great discount, they might be cutting their own costs somewhere in there processes to earn some profit. And this means that their quality will likely fall.

If you hire such a service, you will likely be given low quality treatment, which you would have to end up rectifying. This will not only waste your time and money, but will also give you added stress. Therefore, it is always best to seek services from a reputable business and not try cutting costs in every single thing. 

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