AILIA Webinar: Translation Buyer Perspective in Today’s Business Landscape


AILIA is hosting a webinar on Wednesday July 15, 2:00PM EST with Senior Manager and Employee Training, Amy Dicks. The topic of the webinar is examining a translation buyer’s perspective in today’s climate. Essentially, we as translation and localization providers are interested in the purchasing professional’s input regarding buying translation services (i.e. price, customer service, quality of translation etc.). Listening to the buyer’s counter-narrative of the localization industry can aid providers to improve their tactics and further excel in the industry.



A senior leader with 13+ years working in large, complex organizations, Amy is a true content nerd who has been helping organizations understand the importance of translation and related best practices for her entire career. Her varied experience (in communications, learning & development, content management, and system admin, etc.) has enabled her to continue waving the translation flag in many different fields. She has established translation strategy, nurtured vendor relationships, built a francisation program from scratch, and helped educate anyone and everyone about the best ways to approach translation in a large organization. Of utmost importance, of course, is selecting a vendor and how investing in the relationship will yield much better success. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Amy spends her free time wrangling her rescue dog and 9-year-old daughter, and trying to find time to ride her horse!


I encourage everyone to attend this important session as it will enlighten translation and localization providers with the information needed to enhance business strategies and satisfy cliental needs. 


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