Media and Digital Content Translation: Reaching a Broader Audience


Language barriers are one of the top factors in reduced traffic for any form of content. This blog will specifically focus on media content translation; that is, televised series, music, movies, websites, etc. Generally, people are limited in their media content intake due to language barriers, thus reducing overall traffic. For example, one of Netflix’s top series “La Casa de Papel” or better known as “Money Heist”, was not only extremely successful because of the plot, but due to the wide range of languages it was offered in, which consequently increased the number of viewers.

The Statistics


According to data released by Maps of World in 2017, China ranks number one in the top ten countries with the most internet users. The statistics suggests that media content produced by other countries should include a language translation option for the most popular languages spoken in the top countries with the most internet users. For example, Canadian based content could be translated to: Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese etc. in order to attract a larger demographic and produce profitable sales.

What Does This Look Like?

Translation service providers can aid media content creators in reaching a broader audience and increasing overall revenue. This relationship is equally reciprocal as both parties benefit from the services. These services may include: subtitling/captioning movies, website language translation, and live-streaming translation.

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, language service providers (LSP) are an integral component in the expansion of media content. Broadening the option of languages on digital platforms is a guaranteed method to attract traffic and increase revenue growth.

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