Educating the client on the benefits of Translation services

Robin Ayoub

Do Clients And Prospects Really Need To Know How Translation Services Work?

One of the biggest mistakes translation companies make nowadays is that they focus heavily on educating clients how translations work. This is a huge blunder on the part of translators and translation companies alike. Focusing on teaching clients translation tools, translation processes, and translation itself results in nothing but wasted time.

Why Do Most Translation Companies Do It?

A large number of translation companies educate clients about the core of their services today and this causes wastage of resources and time for both sides. Clients, on the other hand, are equal contributors to this problem as most language buyers feel that translations are a piece of cake, in fact it is considered as easy as putting a document into a copy machine and having it come out of the other end.

Providing professional translation services isn’t easy, it takes quite a substantial amount of effort on the part of the company, and they need to utilize dedicated skills and contribute a lot of time to each client. One of the biggest problems in this service is the chance of mistakes – one mistake in translation could end up causing problems for both parties. Therefore, extra care and attention is required to complete translation assignments.

Given the nature of the industry, clients are more affected by the product instead of the process of translation. Clients should concentrate on the benefits they can avail from the translator or the translation company rather than focusing on the way translations are done.

Focusing On The Right Things

In the fast-paced business environment today, people are looking for quick alternative solutions to their problems. Precisely, clients are more concerned with what the translation company can deliver rather than how than the translation company delivers it. To a client, the best translation company is the one that is able to meet their specific requirements.

Rather than focusing on explaining the procedures of translation, these services should try to convey the benefits clients can get when they hire a professional translation company. They should work on conveying the following benefits:

Monetary Savings

Purchasing dedicated software or equipment for translations or hiring freelance translators can be quite expensive, instead of explaining translation procedures, translator services should focus on clearing up clients how much they can save by choosing their services over other traditional methods.

Money Generation

Translation services give a company worldwide exposure and this can help companies generate tons of profits and revenue as global exposure means massive business opportunities.

Competitive Advantage

Instead of explaining translation procedures, translator services should try explaining clients how they can gain competitive advantage by choosing the services. Obviously, not all companies use translation services, but those who do, always stay ahead of others in all aspects.

There are a number of other benefits, which can be conveyed to clients to help them realize what they can achieve out of translation services. However, if the service feels it is imperative for clients to be educated about their offerings, many tools like e-books, webinars, case studies, white papers, videos, and blog posts can be used to broaden the understanding of clients and clear out their misconceptions about translation procedures.

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