CLS Lexi-tech at SEUS-CP 2014


CLS Lexi-tech attending the SEUS-CP Conference in Raleigh NC.

CLS is very active and well represented at the annual conference SEUS-CP this year, we are hoping to continue building and expanding our network of colleagues, friends, clients, and partners with the help of the SEUS-CP event.

This year and mark the 7th Annual SEUS-CP conference took place in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on May 4-6, 2014 at the Raleigh Convention Center with more than 250 Canadian and U.S. business leaders participating. The conference will offered a great opportunity to network with key global leaders. Included in the robust agenda is a B2B matchmaking program that will match delegates from across the 13 alliance jurisdictions to maximize business opportunities.

As usual SEUS-CP is familiar stop for me, where I truly believe in the message, economic impact, business contribution, expanding the network of connections, and the personal growth.

The message: The usual message that SEUS-CP strive to promote is the intense cooperation between businesses in USA and Canada and the benefit this brings in terms of mutual revenue growth, expansion of economy and solidifying the relationship on a business level and government levels.

Economic Impact: Every year the SEUS-CP results in many deals signed and the launch of new cooperation/ventures. This has tremendous positive impact on the economy in both countries USA and Canada. I personally believe we need more of these initiatives we need to strengthen the SEUS-CP and we need to expand the event to bring new players (Government and Business)

Business contribution: On the business level as we all participate often in conferences and events with the sole purpose of growing our revenues, through building new relationship, discovering new clients, signing up new channel partners or for the odd time coming home with a PO. The SEUS-CP does all that with back up of the public sector which is very important sometime not in actually doing the work on behalf of the private sector but in terms of encouraging and supporting the businesses in their objectives. Every post conference evaluation was filled with success stories how companies was better positioned on every level because of this valuable event.

Solidifying relationships: Like every networking event one would hope to start, build or connect with new contacts or meet people you haven’t met for long time. SEUS-CP is an excellent venue for building business networks and creating healthy mutually beneficial relations. Why SEUS-CP is different:

1- Size: this is a very intimate event, few hundred very high level people that comes to the event wanting to do business.

2- The backing and the encouraging of the public sector (Government) plays the role of the catalyst in initiating the positive business reaction.

This year event is promising to be a good one, lots of meeting booked, the venue is perfect lots of room for side meetings and conversation, I am looking forward to the official opening ceremony tomorrow.

If you like to be involved with SEUS-CP please let me know and will be happy to chat with you.

I am already looking forward 2015 event

Until next time


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