Best Value Translation Services: 7 Top Tips you absolutely need to keep in mind

Robin Ayoub

Our 7 Top Tips to Ensure That You Get the Best, Cheapest Translation Services!

 Professional translations services are important for organizations that need a seamless, trouble-free translation process that provides them with accurate and timely results. Sure you could go ahead and ask that bilingual colleague for a quick review of what a certain document means. But only a professional translator can give you precise information.
Here is a quick guide for ensuring that you hire only the best translation services that won’t cost you a lot in money or worse, in reputation!

1.    Hire a Good Company

You’ll have to use a bit of prudence to find a company that not only looks good and acts professional, but also seems good and honest in all their dealings. There are plenty of agencies and freelance translators out there who talk the talk. The best ones not only have a great persona but they also have a solid network of professional translators with many years of experience and happy clients to back them up.

2.     Optimize content

One rule of reducing the exorbitant expenses related to translation services is only having them translate what you absolutely must and can’t do without. So decrease the word count, and delete as much as you can.

3.     Ask for discounts

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to be blatant about it because the cost can add up to thousands of dollars easily. Don’t pay full price, for repetitive content. However, also beware of “great deals” because it the world of translation, you get what you pay for! The super-low fee simply means that they are using a free translation engine of your text and charging you for it. You could do that yourself!!

4.     Optimize volume

Wisdom dictates that the more work you give a translation company the less it will cost you collectively. So instead of having they translate 10 different documents. Put the text in one file and send it over in one big batch to expedite the process and keep the costs down as well.

5.     Avoid rush fees

If you must have documents translated within 24 hours then go ahead and ask for it. Otherwise, avoid placing rush orders that require a fast turnaround and plan ahead to save money.

6.     Pay attention to file formats

Translating from PDF documents will cost you more because they’ll add formatting charges to the invoice as well. So send in your documents in a text-editable format, i.e. MS office documents or similar.

7.     Be loyal

It’s tough finding a translation company that works exactly how you want them to. So once you have found them, stick to them. They’ll appreciate the business and return the favor in the form of better savings for you. This will help you build friendly terms with the company ensuring better business AL-around.
Remember, translators are exceptionally gifted people, but they are not an encyclopedia or thesaurus-personified.  Work with them to ensure a great translation product by giving them information on your business so they can ensure accuracy for you. 
I hope you found this blog helpful
Until next time

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